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Video Services for Live Events

About Us

The LED Shed are an industry leading video supply company, based in the heart of Yorkshire.

For 10 years we have been providing LED screen video walls, cameras, control and playback systems to some of the worlds biggest artists all across the world.

LED Screen

At The LED Shed, LED screen is ‘our thing’. LED is everywhere now, from arenas to airports to shopping centres, you can’t go far without seeing it. We specialise in LED screen supply, rental and instal and we are experts in finding the right product for your needs. Indoor, outdoor, solid, transparent, hung, ground stacked, floors; we can do it all. We are experts in LED screen rental to all types and sizes of gigs and tours, whatever your vision, we can make that a reality.

Media Servers

Content is the heart of every presentation. In corporate events, advertising and concerts content is often at the heart of the message. Using the latest technology we have a range of ways to serve that content to our incredible LED screens. Disguise D3, Resolume, Barco E2, QLAB and VMIX are at the heart of our production workflows. We can provide servers and trained and experienced crew to operate them and help your content to shine.